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“We turn not older with years but newer every day”- Emily Dickinson



Personal Solutions for Aging Adults
and Their Families

Rio Advocates understands that older adults and family caregivers are often overwhelmed by paperwork and phone calls when confronted with our modern healthcare system. We can help shoulder this burden. We provide healthcare advocacy and care management for aging adults and we do this in a way that is directed by you. 

Because we are a small, personal company, our solutions are independent and are based upon years of experience in the healthcare system working with people in facilities, medical providers, mental health providers, and attorneys.
We understand the multiple issues facing aging adults and their families and we advocate for our clients using the most current knowledge and best practices.

Rio Advocates is proudly guided by the highest ethical standards, along with empathy and a passion for the well-being of the senior citizens of New Mexico.



Accompany to Medical Appointments

In today’s fast-paced medical environment, every person could benefit from an advocate by their side to help identify key questions for the provider, insure that their voice is heard, insure clear communication and understanding between the individual and the provider, and document the visit and next steps. We cannot underestimate the value of having a written record of the visit.

Visit at Home or Facility

Research has recently found that isolation and loneliness is as great a risk factor as smoking when it comes to cutting a life short. For Rio Advocates, it’s much more than making an appearance. We strive to bring warmth and compassion to every encounter in a client’s living environment, but also resolute advocacy with facility personnel, when it is called for.

Family Caregiver Info and Support

Rio Advocates provides much needed support to clients and their families, including consumer education and other services as needed, such as: In-home caregiver hiring, assistance with advance directives, home safety issues, facility safety issues, etc., investigating/resolving medical billing errors and disputes, finding legal assistance after medical errors, and disputing/appealing insurance decision denials.

Assistance in Decision Making

Rio Advocates can assist you in weighing complex treatment regimens and decisions, options for remaining in your home, or looking at alternative housing solutions.

Treatment Plan Advisement

Understanding what goes into a treatment plan is part of our expertise. Knowing that your treatment needs are met is our goal. However, it’s not enough just to have a treatment plan. Rio Advocates’ strong advocacy ensures that it is being implemented properly.

Rights Protection

People in medical environments maintain certain rights, such as being treated with dignity. In hospitals and facilities, Rio Advocates can ensure that your rights are protected.



Pat Doyle was there for Matthew from the very beginning.
She has been a great advocate for Matthew, at every meeting at his institution she was there, dealing with medications, placement, getting his mental health provider involved and making sure of my son’s wellbeing.
— Gary R., client parent

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